Earthwork and Grading in Hickory, NC 28601

What is Earthwork & Grading?

Earthwork and grading is the process of preparing a site for construction by reshaping, leveling, and compacting the soil. One major benefit of earthwork and grading is improving water drainage and preventing damage to their homes from water pooling. Uneven land prevents proper water drainage. During heavy rainfall, the water can flow towards the building rather than away. If this water sits around the foundation, it can cause cracks or flooding. These can be very costly repairs, so it's better to get these issues resolved as soon as possible.

In addition to preventing damage to your home, land grading can prevent damage to your landscape and keep your plants healthy. Part of the reason land grading can improve plant health is water drainage issues. Water can pool up in a specific lawn area, like the bottom of a hill during heavy rainfall. That water pooling can lead to grass and other plants becoming overwatered. Overwatered landscapes tend to attract mosquitos and other pests.

What Are The Benefits of Earthwork & Grading?

  • Prevents foundation cracks and floods
  • Improves water drainage
  • Keep your lawn and plants healthy
  • Keep pests away

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