Driveway Sealcoating in Hickory, NC 28601

Driveway Sealcoating

Asphalt sealcoating and driveway sealcoating protects your investment. Sealer keeps the asphalt new. Blacktop sealing locks the oils in the blacktop and protects it from UV rays which bake out the oil. If you spend money for your driveway or parking lot you want to make sure it is going to last as long as it possibly can.

Why Choose Sealcoating?

Seal coating will protect your investment and expand the life of your asphalt. It can also enhance the look of your asphalt, making it appear new again. Seal coating is essential in protection that will help you maintain your asphalt easier and more efficiently to save money in the long run.

Over time, your asphalt pavement can develop small cracks due to constant exposure to heavy traffic, water, sunlight, and chemical spills. The small cracks allow water to penetrate the base and can weaken the asphalt. This puts the asphalt at risk of irreversible and expensive damage, which can lead to a complete overhaul of your paving.

What are the Benefits of Sealcoating?

  • Protects asphalt
  • Extends the life of asphalt
  • Fills small cracks that can lead to potholes

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